Year End Fundraising: Will You Make the Most of It?

river-of-deathOne of my husband’s favorite books is Pilgrim’s Progress. So when we got married it only made sense that I would read it (I opted for the modern day language version instead of the old English version). The book follows Pilgrim on his life journey through many trials and temptations. At the end of the journey, Pilgrim approaches a  wide river with no bridge or other way around it. The only way to complete his journey is to go through the river. Upon entering, he is nearly overcome and almost doesn’t make it. In the end, Pilgrim does successfully complete the journey. There is much more to the story, but it does illustrate the importance of finishing well.

As we start to enter the last two months of the year, it might be tempting to step back and rest. The last quarter of the year is when most charities receive the majority of their gifts, so now is the time to press on. It’s not too late to make adjustments and increase your year-end gifts.

Here are three areas you can focus on:

  1. Make sure that your online and offline approaches are integrated. If you’re sending people to a ‘Donate Now’ page, make sure it continues the same messaging as the appeal they received (you don’t need to send everyone to your main giving page – explore setting up different landing pages for your different campaigns)
  2. Continue saying thank you. One of the most common complaints donors have is that they are asked for a second gift when they haven’t heard yet about the impact of their first gift. Many donors will consider giving multiple gifts each year, especially if they hear regularly how they are helping to transform lives.
  3. Let people know about what you do. They won’t give if they don’t know who you are. Do you have a communications plan? A simple way to start is to select two or three strategies to start with. Take some time and learn how to be good at those before you start to add in more strategies.

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