What Are You Scared Of?

When I was a little girl, we lived in Winston Salem, North Carolina. I was terrified of the basement. There wasn’t a reasonable explanation to go along with that fear, but at five years old I don’t think I really needed one. Luckily, that fear didn’t hold me back in any way. And now that I live in another house with a basement the fear hasn’t returned (it must have been just for that particular basement).

We all react to fears in pretty similar ways. We might try to avoid whatever we’re afraid of (that was my solution with the basement). We might panic and freeze up and not do anything. Another option is that we turn what we’re afraid of into something much bigger than it really is.

Here are some thoughts on what to try instead:

First, take a step back to get a look at the big picture. Revisit the overall vision about what your organization is trying to accomplish. The challenge you are facing could actually be an opportunity to take a big step forward. You don’t want to miss that!

Determine what it is you’re really afraid of. Is it that change is uncomfortable? Or that you’re not sure what to do or how to do it? Or maybe that it really isn’t the right thing for you right now.

Now you might be ready to put a plan in place that will help you overcome your fear. That could mean going through, around, or over your fear. If it’s still overwhelming, call a colleague (or a coach) to walk through it with you.

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