What a Difference Perspective Makes

Earlier today I was driving back to my office from a meeting with another consultant in town. My mind was still spinning from the great ideas we talked about, so I didn’t think much of the cement truck in the left hand lane that had almost come to a complete stop.

I would have missed the reason for that if I hadn’t looked up just as I went under the bridge – the truck was clearing the bridge by a very close margin. From my view I would guess about half an inch.

But what a difference a little perspective can make. The driver would have know the clearance required, and had probably gone under that bridge many times. While he knew it was important to slow down, he also knew that he could make it.

The first time trying anything new is always the hardest. Were any of us able to ride a bike the first time we hopped on? Or were able to swim the first time we jumped in the water (or was I the only slow learner?).

So don’t be afraid to try something new. It will get easier in time. And, you can always call in some help from someone who’s been under that bridge before.


What a Difference Perspective Makes — 2 Comments

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