Weekly Nonprofit Headlines and Blogs

What is your big idea? Over the past several years I’ve struggled to identify the 2-3 primary things that make a nonprofit more fundable (and also more likely to succeed in their mission). One of the areas that I’ve identified (and read about from other experts) is having a big idea. It’s not just business as usual or trying to do just a little bit. It is truly having a big idea that will have a big impact on your community, state, nation and/or world. So… what’s your big idea?

Here’s a summary of this week’s articles and blogs related to nonprofit organizations. As always, please feel free to forward this to others you know who might benefit from it. Thanks again for reading!


  • Old-Fashioned Direct-Mail Technique Is New Fundraising Trend (hint: hand addressed) http://bit.ly/9kILu5 FundRaising Success
  • Why you should not outsource your fundraising http://bit.ly/dehI1z Transformational Giving
  • Magic Moment In Fundraising: when the audience stops being an audience and becomes a part of the story. http://bit.ly/d1feOf
  • Evolving Face of Workplace Giving (easier for smaller companies to implement) http://bit.ly/b8lLrG
  • How Learning to Read a Foundation’s 990 Can Dramatically Increase Your Chances for Funding http://bit.ly/addp35 Pamela Grow’s Blog







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