Weekly Nonprofit Headlines and Blogs

There’s this book I’ve been working on. It doesn’t have anything to do with fundraising, but it does have to do with living an inspirational life. You may know that I had a brother with muscular dystrophy. Before Frits passed away seven years ago he had outlived his initial prognosis by about 20 years, finished college (after being told that he wasn’t college material) and started a nonprofit organization to help others who had physical disabilities. In many ways, he is the for me going into nonprofit work. I’m hopeful that his can be an inspiration to others.


For anything to be an inspiration, it must be shared. Do you have a story that would encourage others? Does your organization have an inspiring story? Don’t be afraid to share it (and I’d love to hear about it too!)

Here’s a summary of this week’s articles and blogs related to fundraising and nonprofit organizations. As always, please feel free to forward this to others you know who might benefit from it. Thanks again for reading!





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