Weekly Listing of Fundraising Headlines and Blogs

tomato plant

How the garden grows when it is not tended for a couple of weeks! When I returned back home after an extended trip, my two tomato plants were completely covering the other plants in our raised garden bed. Lack of sun was stunting the growth of the eggplant and carrots. The basil plants looked like they were trying to grow sidewise to access the sun. So, intense pruning was needed. Now I will probably end up with fewer tomatoes, but the rest of the plants now have an increased ability to access the sun they need.

Sometimes the urgent trumps the important. Is there something in your life (or in your development program) that is taking up time you should be spending in other areas? Don’t forget what’s important. And don’t be afraid to do a little pruning of your own.

Here’s a summary of this week’s articles and blogs related to fundraising and nonprofit organizations. As always, please feel free to forward this to others you know who might benefit from it. Thanks again for reading!





  • The Power of Positive Failure http://bit.ly/a3pdLx Harvard Business Review
  • Philanthropy Becomes Status Symbol for Rich, Experts Say http://bit.ly/ctRm4z The Chronicle of Philanthropy
  • Economy’s Slow Recovery Continues to Dampen Fund-Raising Climate http://bit.ly/cuXvlo The Chronicle of Philanthropy
  • IRS Releases Updated Guidebooks on Charitable Contributions, Gambling http://bit.ly/arFVHV The Chronicle of Philanthropy

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