Weekly Fundraising Headlines and Blogs Roundup

Elmo. Breaking fingers. In my home town. Not the headline I expected when I opened the newspaper this morning. Especially since my home town is about 14 hours from where I live now. So how was it that particular story ended up in my newspaper? Perhaps it was a slow news day. Or perhaps it was because it was interesting enough to warrant a second look. What are you doing that would warrant a newspaper reading taking a second look? I encourage you, talk more about that!

Here’s a summary of this week’s articles and blogs related to fundraising and nonprofit organizations. As always, please share this with others might benefit from the information. Thanks again for reading!


  • Best Practices for Prospect Research in Healthcare Fundraising (registration required) http://bit.ly/bDRrsf WealthEngine
  • Non-Profits Called to Explain Costs of Fundraising http://bit.ly/9DsevC Wild Apricot Blog
  • Investment Follows Involvement – How to Engage Donors http://bit.ly/acVFPj Talisman Thinking Out Loud
  • Year-end fundraising through the mail: Tips on letters & web http://bit.ly/a6AiaG The Fundraising Coach
  • 2009 Giving at Local United Ways, By Size http://bit.ly/97iseg The Chronicle of Philanthropy
  • Donor-Disclosure Bill Again Stalls in Senate http://bit.ly/blFTLO The Chronicle of Philanthropy



  • Without our stories, we are lost – and we are forgotten http://bit.ly/cLI8lm Katya’s Non-Profit Marketing Blog


  • 82% of fundraisers face ethical dilemmas less than once a month – what about per year? http://bit.ly/bUCDVv The Chronicle of Philanthropy
  • Philanthropic Equity Pays Off for Nonprofit Sector (investing in ‘overhead’ can be a good thing) http://bit.ly/cuYRe0 PRNewswire


  • When nonprofits receive government support, private donations to those organizations fall http://bit.ly/942fPa The Nonprofit Quarterly
  • The 100-day countdown starts today (to 2011 and when the first Boomers begin to turn 65) http://bit.ly/cFq4sR Future Fundraising Now
  • Five Powers that Get Ideas off the Ground http://bit.ly/c0hA3V Harvard Business Review
  • Investing in Long-Term Efforts to Strengthen Nonprofits Pays Off, Study Finds http://bit.ly/dgezPT The Chronicle of Philanthropy

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