Weekly Fundraising Headlines and Blogs – March 9, 2010

I’ve been trying to convince my body that I don’t have time to get sick this week. There are meetings to be at, materials to finish compiling, a couple of trainings to tweak. I just don’t have time to be sick.

But this got me thinking – so many organizations don’t have time to be sick. But so often it just happens. Perhaps there was a policy that made sense 10 years ago, but doesn’t make sense anymore and now it just creates tension between departments. Or there is a staff person who can only sees negative in other people. Or with the struggles concerning finances, the organization loses sight of their vision. All of these things could impact the health of the organization, its ability to raise funds and its ability to create change for the community it serves. If you look around and see some of these (or other) symptoms, please take steps to address them – otherwise, just like with any other ‘sickness’ it could get much worse.

(That said, I think I’ll take some more vitamin C, drink some more water, try to take it easy and pray that my throat feels better quickly).

Here’s a summary of this week’s headlines and fundraising / nonprofit items of interest. As always, please feel free to forward this to others you know who might benefit from it. Thanks again for reading!



  • Some good news to start your week. Surveys show majority of charities expect to step up hiring in 2010: http://ow.ly/1cLDX
  • State and Local Governments Eye Ending Charity Tax Breaks http://ow.ly/16GYMk

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