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An interesting thing about surveys. They measure how people think they should act, rather than how they actually react. Several years ago, Robert Putnam found in his research on social engagement that more people recollected being in a house of worship during the prior weekend, than actual people in worship. In the same vein, in surveys, donors may reply that they’re not so interested in being thanked. But, in actual studies on giving, people on average gave more when appropriate gratitude was expressed for their prior gifts. Just something to think about this week.

Here’s a summary of this week’s articles and blogs related to fundraising and nonprofit organizations. As always, please share this with others might benefit from the information. Thanks again for reading!



  • How to get a Wikipedia page for your nonprofit http://bit.ly/dowz4w socialbrite
  • Daylong Challenge on Twitter Yields New Supporters for AIDS Group—and $500 http://bit.ly/aNr9aB The Chronicle of Philanthropy
  • Social Analytics Meet Community Engagement (suggested measurements for social media impact) http://bit.ly/9Zsl5E A. Fine Blog
  • What Tools Are You Using for Listening, Engaging, and Social Media Management? http://bit.ly/cugI9G Beth’s Blog
  • 47% of American internet users age 50-64 use social nets (ie Facebook LinkedIn MySpace) http://bit.ly/bYOCMg The Agitator


  • Everyone Wants to Be a Hero (a different perspective for your story) http://bit.ly/9Rq7Fu PhilanTopic
  • How Jargon Can Damage Nonprofit Work http://bit.ly/9E7Z66 The Chronicle of Philanthropy
  • Here’s why to keep it simple (because as we age we’re more easily distracted?) http://bit.ly/bu2agK Future Fundraising Now



  • Don’t Let 9/11 Be Just Another Day http://bit.ly/dcJAyd Joanne’s Nonprofits Blog
  • Big Banks to Give Housing Groups First Shot at Foreclosed Homes http://bit.ly/9i5cvH The Chronicle of Philanthropy
  • Charities and Watchdog Groups Clash Over Monitoring Systems http://bit.ly/bNhtcK The Chronicle of Philanthropy

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