Weekly Fundraising Blogs and Headlines

Welcome to those who are new to this list (and of course welcome back to those who are not so new)! Some of you may have found me through Twitter and others through my recent article in a Grassroots Journal email. Regardless, I do hope you find value in this weekly compilation of news and blogs from the nonprofit sector. Each week, I try to whittle down to the ideas and news most useful for leaders (both paid and otherwise) of small and mid-sized nonprofit organizations and ministries.

You may notice that this week’s issue looks a little bit different. I’ve migrated my e-newsletter to a new provider. Let me know what you think!

Here’s a summary of this week’s headlines and fundraising / nonprofit items of interest. As always, please feel free to forward this to others you know who might benefit from it. Thanks again for reading!



  • Engaging Volunteers for Your Nonprofit – one idea http://bit.ly/c1nGt5
  • The Innobucks Start Here – or engaging the community in government http://bit.ly/aL3uCU (could this work for associations?)



  • Great idea: take at-risk students and teach them about philanthropy. Result: behavior improves. http://bit.ly/d9miLE
  • In Their Own Words: The Value To Business People On Nonprofit Boards http://bit.ly/c9fmZ9
  • Next time you embark on a goal setting exercise, consider adopting these nonprofit needs as a framework: http://bit.ly/dmAdXa
  • 6 Reasons NOT to Start a New Nonprofit Organization http://bit.ly/929MD6

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