[Video] Growing Your Nonprofit Email List – One Person at a Time

This week’s training will provide a two-step process to help (hint: first, pay attention to cues that people will drop and second, provide easy ways for people to sign up). Here’s the video:



Think for a moment – have you ever heard about a cause that interested you, but then it left your mind before you were able to do anything about it? Don’t worry – it’s happened to all of us!

Hi – this is Kirsten Bullock again of Bullock Consulting and today I’ll be talking about an easy way to ensure this happens less frequently with your cause.

As you’re talking to people, you’re bound to run into some who are interested in what you do. Don’t miss an opportunity to ask if they would like to receive updates about your work (and if your organization requires a double opt-in, make sure you mention to the individual that you’ll have them added, but they will need to keep an eye out for the initial email so they can complete the opt-in confirmation by clicking the link in the email.

So how do you ask?

Add a link to your email list sign up form in the signature line on your emails

When you are talking with someone – either in-person or on the phone – ask them if they would like to receive updates about your work

That’s it for today. Thanks for joining me and I’ll see you next time!

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