Trying to Grow a Major Gift Program? These 3 Tips Might Help

Inviting donors to take to the next step with your organization and make a major gift is fairly simple. Get to know your donor, find out why they’re interested in your organization, and eventually ask for a gift.

What you don’t want to do is ignore what they say.

Back tracking about six years, my husband and I were fairly new to the Louisville and Rob heard a presentation about an organization that he quickly got excited about. He started volunteering with them and we made a gift that was significant for us.

The Development Director then started calling me. I made it clear that it was my husband’s interest in the organization that was the significant reason for our gift. Three development directors later and they were still calling me wanting to meet with me. In this article, Tony talks about the importance of having targeted conversations with your donors. Make sure you’re hearing what they’re saying.

In addition, as Tony also states, documenting what you’ve talked about by using the tools you have at your disposal is also essential. It certainly helps as well to have processes and accountability in place to ensure everything stays on track. Here are Tony’s tips:

  1. High-Potential Donors need to be actively pursued.
  2. Conversations with these donors need to be targeted.
  3. Gift officers need specific training and tools.

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