Three Tips: Raising Awareness for Your Nonprofit

I’m so excited. One of my clients recently had a front page article in the newspaper about them. The board chair attributes this directly to a fundraising / awareness plan I put together for them last year.

One of the suggestions in my report was to hold a community event to try and build partnerships with community members and other organizations serving the same population. The plan included sending press releases out. In response to that, the local paper sent out a reporter who wrote an enlightening story that highlighted one of their clients. The day after the article ran, the editor included a positive comment on the editorial page about them. You can’t buy that kind of awareness and credibility. And even if you could, most small organizations wouldn’t be able to afford it anyway.

So why did it work? And what are some tips to help you get this kind of awareness too?

  • The press release was about something timely and newsworthy
  • The agency had spent time finding and coaching clients who could speak about their first-hand experiences with the organization
  • They didn’t keep it to themselves

Don’t be afraid of getting out there in a big way. You’re doing great work and people want to hear about it!


Three Tips: Raising Awareness for Your Nonprofit — 1 Comment

  1. Congrats, Kirsten. It is always a great accomplishment to get positive press for an organization.

    I would add one more reason to your list – the event was new. Or at least my reading of your project seems this was the first time a community event such as this was held. First of anything, really a-n-y-thing will catch a reporter’s attention. When my clients do anything for the first time at a charity auction, we discuss pitching the story to media.