6 Expert Tips on How Nonprofits Can Capitalize on Crowdfunding

For years crowdfunding has empowered individuals to fundraise for any cause including charities—and now nonprofits are joining the mix! Since creating a fundraising page is fast and shareable, nonprofits are setting up crowdfunding pages to raise money. Don’t let crowdfunding’s simplicity fool … Continue reading

Will They ‘Vote’ for You?

When I was in junior high school, I ran for Class Secretary. While I didn’t win, I learned a lot about myself – and a little about elections (and about asking) – through the process. First and foremost was, you … Continue reading

Fundraising Jump Start: Recruit Others to Help

Being an Executive Director, Development Director or Board Chair can leave you feeling lonely. It can feel like there are no ‘safe’ people to talk to. No one to vent to (without fear of reprisal), no one who really understands … Continue reading

Fundraising Jump Start: Develop a Blueprint

Can you imagine a house built without a blueprint? For a good example of that, you could go visit the Winchester House in San Jose, but it’s really not the preferable way to build. The same is true for engaging … Continue reading

Fundraising Jump Start: Start Internally

It’s always been a common question, but I feel like I’m hearing it more lately: Does 100% of your board contribute financially? The reason is pretty clear. I mean really, if those closest to the organization, those who know the … Continue reading