NLN38: Maximizing Your Budget & Staff by Applying Lean Concepts to Your Nonprofit with Paddy O’Brien

In our podcast this week with #Paddy O’Brien, author of “Lean for the Nonprofit: What You Don’t Know Can Cost You,” we are discussing how applying Lean concepts can greatly benefit your nonprofit organization by streamlining processes, maximizing use of … Continue reading

NLN26: Serving, Growing and Supporting a Team with Jeanne Allert

Today we’re talking with Jeanne Allert, Founder and Executive Director of The Samaritan Women. Jeanne shared the trials and lessons learned from starting a nonprofit from scratch in an area that has low awareness and is often not a welcomed … Continue reading

Fundraising Jump Start: Recruit Others to Help

Being an Executive Director, Development Director or Board Chair can leave you feeling lonely. It can feel like there are no ‘safe’ people to talk to. No one to vent to (without fear of reprisal), no one who really understands … Continue reading

Fundraising Jump Start: Break it Down

Do you ever have activities on your task list that you keep extending the deadline on? Perhaps I’m the only one, but something tells me that’s not the case… Every once in a while I do find myself in that … Continue reading

Fundraising Headlines and Blogs

If you’re looking at this in it’s blog format, you’ll notice that there are some tags in the side bar. This past week, I spent some time tagging all of my past posts, so it should make it a little … Continue reading