Successful Companies Invest in Leadership Development – Here’s Why

There’s an old saying that goes…People don’t leave companies; they leave their managers. Statistics taken from exit interviews support this golden nugget of wisdom. From interviews conducted of employees who voluntarily leave companies, 3 out of every 4 cite their direct supervisor … Continue reading

NLN36: Developing as a Leader with Charles Archer

  Today we’re talking with #Charles Archer, Co-Founder and CEO of the #THRIVE Network. We discuss topics relating to ways to develop as a leader including how to invest in yourself, how to lead through consensus, the differences between older … Continue reading

NLN30: Staying Tuned in With Your Nonprofit Board through Transitions with Jim Wehner

In this podcast, we are conversing with #Jim Wehner, President of Focused Community Strategies (FCS) in Atlanta, Georgia. We discuss topics relating to how to increase leadership team strength through strength-based hiring, increasing efficiency and reducing confusion through nonprofit mergers, successfully … Continue reading

NLN27: Succession Planning, Partnerships and Leadership with Amanda Missey

In this podcast with Amanda Missey, Executive Director of the Bergen Volunteer Medical Initiative, our discussions include concerns for the future in nonprofit leadership, leadership value vs. pay issues, leadership training programs, the importance of and tips for succession planning, … Continue reading