7 Fundraising Plan Must-Haves to Help Your Nonprofit Succeed

Creating a plan is the first step in the fundraising process that will help ensure that you’re successful. A plan will be like your road map for how to prepare for campaign, launch your fundraiser, and follow-up with donors afterwards. … Continue reading

[News] Being a Catalyst and Taking a Stand – Nonprofit and Leadership News

Leadership and Fundraising News Roundup

Have you ever watched something happening you didn’t agree with? How did that feel? Did you decide to do something about it? For change to happen in the world. Someone needs to be the first one stand up and say … Continue reading

[News] Communicating Loss Avoidance to Encourage Change and other Nonprofit and Leadership News

Leadership and Fundraising News Roundup

It turns out, people are motivated more by loss than they are by vision or something we’ll gain. So many change initiatives focus on the vision, while what many people need is help seeing how the change will help avoid … Continue reading

[News] Preparing for the Unexpected and other Nonprofit and Leadership News

We’re living in an era of uncertainty. It’s really not a new thing. Every age and time has a hint of uncertainly. And we’ve likely all heard the old saying that the only thing constant is change. So really, the … Continue reading

[News] Discomfort, Default Cultures and other Leadership and Nonprofit Blogs

Are you recruiting people just like you? Or are you seeing the value in diversity? It’s human nature to be most comfortable hanging out with people who are similar to us. Our beliefs aren’t challenged and we find ourselves not … Continue reading

[News] Nonprofit Sector Running at a Deficit for 10 Years

Do you find it as troubling as I do that the nonprofit sector has been running at an overall deficit ranging from 4 – 8% for the past several years? Perhaps some of this was just a result of dipping … Continue reading

[News] Let Your Workers Rebel and other Nonprofit and Leadership Blogs

I’ve always had a bit of respect for rebels. Sometimes rebels get portrayed as troublemakers, but I see them most often as people who see something wrong with a system and are willing to stand up and try to see … Continue reading

[News] Is Leadership Development Working – and Other Leadership and Nonprofit Blogs

I see it in articles from across sectors – non-profit, politics, business… There seems to be a shortage of good leaders willing to step forward and serve. Is it the flattening of the corporate hierarchy, an increased focus on busy … Continue reading

[News] Planning for Success and other Leadership and Nonprofit Blogs

Do you have a plan to help you accomplish your next goal? Whether it’s business, life or fundraising success we’re looking for, a plan will increase your chances of success. Below, there’s an article from Stanford Social Innovation Review that … Continue reading

[News] Demographic Shifts and Other Nonprofit and Leadership Blogs

Have you been paying attention to demographic shifts? Or are you just hoping they’ll go away? With increasing diversity, fewer middle aged donors, a larger aging / elderly population and a growing pool of younger donors, the way we raise … Continue reading