A Collaboration that Saves Lives: Red Cross Home Fire Campaign

By bringing together nonprofits, faith-based groups and many others, the #American Red Cross Home Fire Campaign is bringing smoke alarms and evacuation plans to households that don’t have them. What would be extremely difficult or impossible for just one organization become … Continue reading

NLN33: Vision and Strategic Corporate Partners for a Startup Nonprofit with Coach AK

In this podcast, we are talking with #Coach AK, President and Founder of #Empower 2 Play. We discuss topics relating to how to keep going when you keep hitting walls, trusting in the process, the benefits of finding strategic corporate … Continue reading

NLN19: Instigating Successful Collaborations with Bob Lane

Bob Lane is our guest for this episode of the Nonprofit Leaders Network Podcast and he shared about collaborations and partnerships. Bob has served as the Executive Director of The New Albany (Indiana) Housing Authority (NAHA) since 2001. He has degrees … Continue reading

NLN14: Nonprofit Collaboration, Success and Marketing with Lori Manns

Lori Manns is our guest in this episode of our Nonprofit Leaders Network Podcast. Lori is the founder and President of the Live Healthy and Thrive Youth Foundation and CEO of Quality Media Consultant Group. Our main topics for discussion … Continue reading