6 Expert Tips on How Nonprofits Can Capitalize on Crowdfunding

For years crowdfunding has empowered individuals to fundraise for any cause including charities—and now nonprofits are joining the mix! Since creating a fundraising page is fast and shareable, nonprofits are setting up crowdfunding pages to raise money. Don’t let crowdfunding’s simplicity fool … Continue reading

NLN28: Board Management and Becoming a Better Nonprofit Leader with Hillary Schafer

In our podcast this week, we are chatting with #Hillary Schafer, Executive Director of the Jefferson Awards Foundation. Hillary shared her experiences and reactions to transitioning from the public sector to the #nonprofit sector, how she has overcome some of … Continue reading

Great Fundraising Video Tip Three: Support Each Other

Thanks for joining me for this third tip in my video series – aimed towards helping you grow Great Fundraising results through increased understanding and better communication. In the first video, we talked about the importance of understanding that each … Continue reading