Webinar: Better Together – Developing a Support Network

people in huddleDo you ever feel like you’re all alone, trying to push a rock up a hill? That the weight of the world is on your shoulders? Trying to move forward but stalling out.

Or perhaps you have quick questions you know someone else in a similar situation could answer for you.

Whatever your situation, it’s likely you could benefit from a network of people around you to provide support, encouragement and tactical help.

In this webinar, I’ll be talking more about benefits of finding support and different formats this support might take (including both free options as well as a paid option I’ll be offering very soon).

This webinar is for both people in leadership of nonprofits and for business owners and entrepreneurs. Having worked closely with people in both of these categories for several years I’m convinced that many of the challenges of seeking support are quite similar.


Day:  Thursday November 19, 2015
Time: 2:00 – 2:50pm
Speaker: Kirsten Bullock

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About Kirsten

Kirsten BullockOver the past 25 years Kirsten has worked in a wide variety of roles with small businesses as well as with nonprofits and ministries. This includes seven years as an office manager, ten years as fundraising staff and eight years as a business owner turned entrepreneur.

This experience, combined with a bachelors degree in social work and a masters in business administration puts Kirsten in a unique position to bridge community building, business administration, strategic thinking, nonprofit know-how and common sense solutions.

If you’re looking to build partnerships, recruit new board members, better plan out your year (or month), assess and plan new areas of focus, generate more donors (and/or sales), think strategically or simply some guidance on how to take a step back to assess where to focus your (very) limited time, call Kirsten.

For more information on specific nonprofit services Kirsten offers please peruse this site or contact Kirsten at 502.509.5004 or kirsten@bullockconsulting.net.