Sponsor the Podcast

The Social Good Instigators podcast (formerly the Nonprofit Leaders Network podcast) is accepting sponsors.  Each episode will include up to two sponsor time slots;  one at the beginning of the episode, and one mid-roll.  By sponsoring the podcast you will receive approximately 25 seconds of air time as well as a spot with links on the show post.

Why Sponsor the Podcast?

  • Targeted Audience – We have a motivated audience that is passionate about nonprofit leadership (and nonprofits in general).
  • Captive Audience – An audio spot is much more likely to be listened to than a print spot is to be read.
  • Be One of a Few –  We only have three spots vs other advertising venues where you would be one of many ads.
  • Two For One – Since we have a post for each podcast, you get both airtime and space on the post.  Much of our audience plays the podcast right from their browser.  Your link is just a click away; no typing or searching for your company name.
  • Long Term Visibility – Because you get a mention on the podcast page, your sponsorship will remain online permanently. When future readers discover that particular post, they will see your sponsorship.

To Become a Sponsor:

If you are interested in learning more, please download our podcast sponsor packet or contact Kirsten Bullock at 502.509.5004 or kirsten@bullockconsulting.net.