SGI56: Overcoming Biases, Embracing Diversity, and Building Strong Businesses and Nonprofits


Starting a nonprofit or entrepreneurial endeavor requires people, commitment, ideas, and possibly a little bit of luck. Tamar Kedar Harris, from NGT3 based in Nazareth, Israel, shares about her experiences working with startups in a tech incubator with a social mission. We talk about some of the unique dynamics of working in Israel, the value of diversity, and some of the key components of founding a successful organization.

The key points covered in this podcast discussion are:

  • Business and nonprofit success is all about the people.
  • What we have in common is so much bigger than what separates us
  • Founding an organization takes time
  • It’s not possible to do it on your own
  • Overcoming biases and embracing diversity is extremely beneficial for business


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About Tamar:

Tamar Kedar Harris Investor Relations, joined NGT in 2004 as COO. Tamar has been involved in a number of aspects of managing a portfolio of start-ups, including operations, business development, and investor relations. Tamar brings extensive experience in international relations and networks to the NGT team. Tamar received her MBA from the University of Haifa and her BA in economics from Tel Aviv University.

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