SGI50: Managing Change in an Unpredictable Environment with Jason Steinberg

Most of us work in environments that are in constant flux. It’s a sign of our times right? In this episode, Jason Steinberg shares some stories – and advice – from the unpredictable environment of a refugee camp.

The key points covered in this podcast discussion are:

  • Tactics may change, but the goal remains the same
  • When working in a changing environment, you learn to roll with the punches
  • Sometimes Plan B works out better than Plan A
  • Listening is a core skill in relief work
  • Stay humble and stay focused


Episodes are also available via Stitcher, iTunes, GooglePlay, and iHeartRadio.

About the Guest:

Recent college graduate, Jason Steinberg, aims to change the world one sport at a time. The 24-year-old UNC-Chapel Hill grad is bringing basketball, soccer and music to impoverished children across the world – providing a means of expression to students in war-torn regions.

The International Sports and Music Project is now heading to Greece, bringing a soccer program to nearly 750 refugees from Syria and elsewhere, who have lost their homes and family members to dangerous conflicts in their communities. Previously, ISMP has helped over 150 children in Rwanda and Micronesia, providing kids with music classes and organized, competitive sports. Now, ISMP has announced its partnership with the Ritsona refugee camp in Chalkida, Greece, where it hopes to impact children impacted by Syria’s Civil War.

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