SGI48: Creating an Environment That Encourages Risk Taking with Dominique Callimanopulos

Travel sometimes sounds really glamorous, but the behind the scenes work can be crazy. In this interview, you’ll hear from Dominique Callimanopulos who is giving back through her travel business. She’ll be sharing about creating an environment that encourages risk taking and how building a network and being a thought leader can make your job easier.

The key points covered in this podcast discussion are:

  • Sometimes the best way to make an impact is to build on what you’re already doing
  • When you’re a thought leader, scaling a project or concept can go faster
  • Giving permission to fail will increase the number of your successes
  • Ways to give permission to fail
  • ‘Failures’ can be the on ramp for processes to operate more efficiently and effectively
  • It’s possible to pick up new ideas from diverse sources


Episodes are also available via Stitcher, iTunes, GooglePlay, and iHeartRadio.

About the Guest:

Dominique Callimanopulos is a lifetime world traveler committed to combining singular journeys with social good. She grew up witnessing the disparity between tourists and local conditions they visit and created Elevate Destinations to provide unique travel engagement for clients, while caring for local people, wildlife and natural resources.  Elevate Destinations has pioneered the Buy A Trip Give A Trip program, the first one-for one travel program in the industry, which allows local youth to see the same sights usually reserved for tourists.  This has started a movement in the industry, as other tour operators have joined the newly founded One for One Alliance.

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