SGI46: Partnerships that Bring Lasting Impact with Stacie Freeman

Partnerships are best developed when two (or more) people or entities realize they can make a bigger impact by working together. This partnership, between Bethel University and Bright Light Volunteers is one of those. Stacie Freeman, shares her perspective on what’s gone well, as well as a couple of learning experiences. Key points include:

  • Relationships Can Lead to Partnership Opportunities
  • Volunteers Pay Their Own Way – and Contribute to Project Costs
  • Avoiding Band-Aids and Striving for Lasting Impact
  • More Than a Feel-Good Trip, It’s About Building Understanding of Complex Issues
  • The Importance of Learning to Let Go to Let it Grow
  • Recognizing Complementary Strengths in Your Partners
  • Universities Can Be a Source for Volunteers and Other Help
  • Define Your Dreams – and Follow Them


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About the Guest:

Stacie Freeman serves as an Associate Professor of Sociology and Director of Global Studies in the Bethel University College of Arts and Sciences. She is a 2005 graduate of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, where she earned a Master of Science in Social Work degree. Her primary academic interests are in community-engaged teaching, learning, and scholarship, gender issues, race relations, and global sociology. Since joining the BU faculty in 2006, she has earned several awards including Faculty Member of the Year and The Roy and Mary Shelton Teaching Excellence and Campus Leadership Award.

In addition to her faculty appointment, she currently serves as the founding director of Bethel University’s Community Engagement Scholarship Program. Since its inception in 2011, scholars and faculty have served an average of 3200 hours each year in the local community. Ms. Freeman also organizes international service-learning opportunities as the founder and lead faculty member of Bethel University’s Global Service-Learning Program. In that capacity, Ms. Freeman has led several groups of students to serve and learn in many different Caribbean, Central American, and South American countries.

In her spare time, she enjoys traveling with her family, practicing photography, restoring her old house, and drinking coffee.

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