Executive Search

executive searchYou need someone who has the know how to get the job done, but who will also fit in well with your organization. It can be time consuming to manage the details of a search. But looking for a new Executive Director or Chief Development Officer doesn’t need to be a hassle.

Call Kirsten at 502.509.5004 or email kirsten@bullockconsulting.net to schedule a time so we can talk more about your needs and how I can help you with your upcoming search.

In the meantime, here’s an outline of the Executive Search Process we follow:


  • Outline Project Plan and Timeline
  • Interviews with Search Committee and Key Personnel
  • Development / Update of Job Description
  • Search Committee Briefing to Review/Approve Job Description

Advertising and Recruitment

  • Ad Placement
  • Email Distribution and Marketing of Position
  • Ongoing Communication with Applicants and Prospects

Initial Screening and Review

  • Management of Applications
  • Triage and Scoring of Resumes
  • Search Committee Briefing to Facilitate Selection of Semifinalists

Evaluation of Semifinalist Candidates

  • Personal Interaction with Semifinalist Candidates
  • Written Questionnaire
  • Recorded Online Interviews
  • Social Media Review – Stage 1
  • Search Committee Briefing to Select Finalists

Evaluation of Finalist Candidates

  • Comprehensive Social Media Search – Stage 2
  • Comprehensive Background Screening Report
  • DISC Assessment (optional)

Interview Process

  • Conduct Interviews
  • Deliberations
  • Reference Checks

Negotiations and Hiring Process

  • Determine the Terms of an Offer
  • Negotiate Terms and Conditions of Employment
  • Announcement/Press Release