Board Engagement Study Program

Board Engagement Study Program

Your Fundraising Efforts Will Never Be Efficient (or Predictably Successful) Without an Engaged Board

“How many times do you hope to get lucky?”

Sometimes that’s the question I want to ask nonprofit boards that are just barely keeping the proverbial doors open. Hope is a virtue, but it doesn’t qualify as a growth strategy.

After working with nonprofits across the nation for over 20 years, I’ve seen every kind of situation you can imagine. I’ve discovered a few major obstacles all nonprofit leaders face. Some overcome them with relative ease. Some struggle and succeed eventually at great personal expense. Some fizzle out, closing their doors and never reaching their objectives.

Success Has Two Ingredients

I’ve found that consistently successful nonprofits all seem to have two things in common:

  • Their organization is built around a worthy cause, one that inspires people to take action.
  • Their board of directors is actively engaged in fundraising.

I assume YOUR cause is a worthy one. But there’s a good chance you’ve been banging your head against the wall trying to get your board fully invested in your fundraising efforts.

Isn’t it strange? Some of the people with the greatest understanding of the issues, who care most about the community and who are in the most advantageous position to HELP… often tend to shy away when manifold opportunities arise – especially when it involves asking for money.

If that’s your experience, believe me, you’re not alone. And it’s not your fault either.

But I’m About to Make It Your Fault

If you keep reading, you will erase any excuse you might have had for not galvanizing your board into strategic action.

  • Are less than 75% of your board members making sizeable (for them) donations every year?
  • Do your meetings seem to go well, but the energy subsides immediately afterwards, leaving key tasks undone and deadlines missed or forgotten?
  • Is your board made up of attendees or participants? Does that participation leave the meeting room and spread into their spheres of influence?
  • Do you have a system – not just a hope – to gently but effectively persuade board members to give, participate and spread the word?

Over two decades of working with boards, studying what works in the real world and what fails miserably, I’ve put together a simple system of what works to engage your board in fundraising.

How to Engage Your Board in Fundraising 

How-to-Engage-Your-Board-in-Fundraising_3DThe system consists of 7 simple steps. If you get serious about implementing them, they can easily increase the impact of your fundraising from 25-50% or more.

I’ve seen the system work time after time. I’ve also seen nonprofits get much larger improvements than 50%, but I prefer to share conservative figures I’m sure you can attain for your own organization.

When you order this resource, you’ll receive all of the materials in a handy binder to use as an ongoing resource. All the materials come in a 3-ring binder, with tons of reference materials, and a resources CD with the recorded trainings and other printable forms and resources. This material will help you develop the tools and materials you need to begin engaging your board in the fundraising process.

Here’s what each 20-30 minute module covers:

  1. Creating a Compelling Vision (includes everything you need to run your own board visioning session: PowerPoint presentation, timeline and handout)
  2. Drafting a Simple Fundraising Plan (includes one-page fundraising plan format and directions on how to develop yours). This item alone will have a tremendous impact on your board, starting from Day One.
  3. Developing Your Messaging (links to samples as well as worksheets to help you develop this quickly)
  4. Creating Materials Your Board Can Use: The Pitch Kit (sample pitch kit, forms and scripts in word format that you can easily edit and make your own)
  5. Facilitating a Fundraising Planning Session With Your Board (includes everything you need to run your own board fundraising planning session: PowerPoint presentation, timeline and handout)
  6. Training Your Board to Ask (includes everything you need to run your own board asking training: PowerPoint presentation, timeline and handout)
  7. Checking In So Board Members Don’t Check Out (Follow-up is essential so we’ll cover what to do, as well as what not to do.)

This Includes:

  • PowerPoint slides and training outlines you can use with your board on vision, fundraising planning and hard-to-resist asking techniques
  • Forms (including training handouts, board member fundraising plan, etc.) in Word format
  • Suggested training exercises
  • And so much more!

The Engaging Your Board in Fundraising System is affordably priced at $197.

What would a 25% increase in giving mean for your nonprofit?

If you’re raising $100,000 per year in charitable contributions a 25% increase would equal $25,000. How would that change things for you? For the community you serve? How much more enthusiastic would your board members be when they see the immediate impact their efforts have on the bottom line?

How would it change your life to be able to more than just hope that your board starts “getting it”? To know exactly what to do and how to begin raising the engagement of your board – without becoming a high-pressure pitchman or an iron-fisted dictator (which frankly doesn’t work for the long-haul anyway).

Again, 25% is a conservative number which you can easily attain once you start getting your board actively engaged using this system.

Invest in yourself and the future of your organization. Order the Engaging Your Board in Fundraising System today.

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P.S. That old saying that “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail” is true. But coming up with a plan that will work is hard, especially if you’ve been doing things the same way year after year.

The Engaging Your Board in Fundraising System is a plan that makes it easier to grow than to fail – once put into action.

If you’d like a little help crafting your plan, getting buy-in from your members and putting some momentum behind the engagement process, maybe we should talk. I’ve been fighting the good fight side by side with an army of non-profits for 2 decades. It has been my honor to serve with them. Helping produce results has been fun, too. Let me share a quick quote from a group I worked with:

KAH-louisvilleIf you want some help moving in this direction. If you’d like to get customized, hands-on training for your board, feel free to email me today at We’ll schedule a time to talk about options and costs.