Board Development and Engagement Consulting

Board DevelopmentIs your board leading the way with your fundraising efforts?

In order to make good decisions regarding their fundraising involvement, your board of directors needs to have good background information. Have you given your board members that information?

You have a few options if you want some help moving in this direction. A one-time training can sometimes help, but often organizations need help over a short time period to make sure the concepts ‘stick.’

Accomplishing true change in a board takes time. Patterns aren’t formed overnight. So they can’t be broken overnight either. This multi-phase approach has proven effective in successfully navigating this change process:

Phase I:  Consultant Review of Materials and a Planning Session with Staff

Phase II:  Initial Planning Session with the Board

Phase III:  Finalize Fundraising Plan and Identify Gaps in Knowledge

Phase IV:  Provide Additional Training to Cover Those Gaps

Phase V:  Guidance and Coaching to Ensure Improved Engagement is Permanent and Provide Intervention Where Needed

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