Apr 17 Webinar: Four Components of a Successful Board Engagement Strategy

7StepsLet’s face it, there are very few board members who wake up in the morning and jump out of bed because they’re excited to go raise money for you. In fact many, if they were to be truly honest with you, would prefer to go running (and often screaming) in the opposite direction!

So what’s a nonprofit leader (especially CEOs, EDs and fundraising professionals) to do?

First is to take a deep breath. It’s okay. You’re not alone. Others have walked this road before you and there is help available.

Next is to take a look at things from the board member’s perspective. What are they seeing, hearing and feeling around issues of money and fundraising. Do they even know what type of activities you’re asking them to do? Here are the most common resistance areas I see in my work with nonprofit boards:

  1. They don’t understand what fundraising is REALLY about. And here’s a hint: it’s NOT about the money, it’s about the mission and the great impact people can have on the world around them.
  2. They don’t have any clue what you’re asking them to do! We say ‘you need to help with fundraising’ and everyone means something different when we use that expression. With your board, provide a specific list of ways they could see themselves becoming involved.

In this webinar, I’ll be covering four primary areas you need to have covered if you’re going to successfully engage your board in this process:

  • Strong Story
  • Willing Board (and you don’t need 100% of the board on board to get started)
  • Time to Follow-Up (yes individually) with Board Members
  • Training (while some boards have this covered, the majority need a little coaching and training regarding asking for money)

If you’d like to know more about the essential components in each of these areas please join me on April 17 for this free webinar!

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When: April 17, 2pm – 3pm ET

Speaker: Kirsten Bullock, CFRE, MBA:

Kirsten BullockKirsten is an author, trainer and coach who works with entrepreneurial leaders of nonprofits and ministries to help them increase their awareness, involve more people in their organizations and ultimately raise more money. She earned her designation as a Certified Fund Raising Executive in 2002. A consultant since 2008, she has worked with health care organizations, social service providers, national and local ministries, and international membership associations.

Kirsten is an AFP Master Trainer, is the author of Simple Steps to Fundraising Success and the general editor of The Essential Fundraising Handbook for Small Nonprofits. She is a licensed fund raising consultant in Kentucky and holds degrees in social work and business. When not working to equip and empower people in the nonprofit sector, Kirsten sculpts, is attempting to learn to speak Danish and enjoys living in historic New Albany, Indiana.

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