Refugees as language tutors: Chatterbox

So often refugees end up taking low skilled jobs, even if they’ve been highly educated in their country of origin. This social entrepreneurial venture in the UK is hiring them as language tutors (and paying a living wage to do so). This is easily a win-win-win. People are learning foreign languages, the company is earning revenue and refugees are earning a living wage.

People who seek shelter in countries outside their own can face persecution and misunderstanding. But they bring skills and talent which often remain untapped. To mark Refugee Week – which celebrates the contribution that refugees make to the societies in which they live – we talk to Mursal Hedayat, the founder of Chatterbox,  a social enterprise that employs skilled refugees as language tutors.

For the rest of the story see: Chatterbox: how refugees are getting people talking | The Social Enterprise Magazine – Pioneers Post

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