NLN40: Leveraging Partnerships to Create Successful Programs with John Marshall

Welcome to Episode 40 of the Nonprofit Leaders Network podcast series. Our guest today is John Marshall, President and Chairman of the Board of the Johnny Mercer Foundation. Our conversation includes topics relating to a shift in focus, overcoming pushback to change, the evolution and development of a program, and using partnerships to extend the impact of your nonprofit.

The mission of The Johnny Mercer Foundation is to support the discipline of songwriting in the tradition of the Great American Songbook as exemplified by the life and work of Johnny Mercer: lyricist, composer, performer, collaborator and producer. The Foundation continues Johnny’s legacy by partnering with individuals and organizations dedicated to celebrating and nourishing the disciplines he mastered, and the causes he and Ginger Mercer championed.

The key points covered in this discussion are:

• Deciding on a Shift in Focus
• Overcoming Pushback to Change
• The Evolution of a Program: From Site-Based to Equipping
• Extending Nonprofit Impact Through Partnerships
• Letting Go, and Growing Impact

Click here to view the transcript. Episodes are also available via Stitcher, iTunes, GooglePlay, and iHeartRadio.

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