NLN34: From Scientist to Nonprofit Leader – The Challenges with Nina Dudnik

In our podcast discussion this week, we are chatting with Nina Dudnik, founder and CEO of Seeding Labs. We discuss topics relating to taking a nonprofit from an idea run by a group of volunteers to a productive organization, Nina’s challenges of shifting from the scientist mode to the nonprofit leader mode, and the steps they took to professionalize and fund their growing idea.

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The key points covered in this podcast discussion are:

  • Recognizing When It’s Time to Professionalize a Nonprofit
  • Recognizing the Right Next Step as a Non-Profit Evolves
  • Running a Non-Profit is Often Living in the Midst of Unknowns
  • Larger Grants Often Mean More Data Tracking
  • Listen to Your Gut Instinct and Don’t Over-Analyze

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