NLN30: Staying Tuned in With Your Nonprofit Board through Transitions with Jim Wehner

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In this podcast, we are conversing with , President of Focused Community Strategies (FCS) in Atlanta, Georgia. We discuss topics relating to how to increase leadership team strength through strength-based hiring, increasing efficiency and reducing confusion through nonprofit mergers, successfully replacing a long-term founder and leader, and the difficult decision of cancelling a long-term program.

Jim joined the FCS team in September 2008 as the Executive Director of Charis Community Housing.  In January 2014, Jim accepted the role of President at FCS. With experience in for-profit and non-profit sectors, Jim brought a balance of ministry experience and business skills to this non-profit, community development organization. Prior to joining the FCS team, Jim spent nine years as the lead pastor of Common Ground Fellowship, a participating member of the Evangelical Free Church of America, and approximately nine years in retail sales and management with Recreational Equipment Incorporated (REI).

Jim has led and participated in multiple workshops at the Christian Community Development Association conference and at churches regarding Responsible Charity, Affordable Housing, the impact of the foreclosure crisis on neighborhoods, and Neighborhood Dynamics of Redevelopment.  He has also worked with multiple churches and leadership teams to aid them in developing a vision for ministry in the communities where they serve.  Jim supports multiple organizations at the board level assisting them as they develop thinking and best practices around organizational structure, board governance, and team development.

The key points covered in this podcast discussion are:

  • Recognizing – and Leading from – Your Strengths
  • Hiring for Your Weaknesses
  • Reducing Confusion by Merging Related Nonprofits
  • Stepping in and Changing Direction as a New CEO
  • Making the Decision to Cancel a Long-Term Program

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