NLN28: Board Management and Becoming a Better Nonprofit Leader with Hillary Schafer

In our podcast this week, we are chatting with , Executive Director of the Jefferson Awards Foundation. Hillary shared her experiences and reactions to transitioning from the public sector to the sector, how she has overcome some of the challenges of her position, and her insights into working with a board of directors.

Prior to joining the Jefferson Awards Foundation as Executive Director in September 2013, Hillary Schafer worked on Wall Street for 12 years. In her capacity as the Head of U.S. Institutional Equity Sales in New York for Citigroup, Hillary was one of the highest ranking women in the equity business. From 1995 to 1999, she was the Executive Director of Economic Security 2000 fighting to save and remodel Social Security. Hillary earned an MBA from Columbia Business School and a BA from Middlebury College.

The mission of the Jefferson Awards Foundation is to empower others to have maximum impact on the things they care about most by inspiring action through celebration. The Foundation believes that engaging in social good inspires purpose and drives lasting solutions for our communities and the nation. Their programs and partnerships drive Americans to change their communities and the world by training and activating Americans to take action and to be leaders in schools, communities, workplaces and the world.

The key points covered in this podcast discussion are:

  • Surprise of Entering the Nonprofit Sector: Much Harder, Higher Risk Level
  • Stay Focused on Impact: The Power of Story
  • Partnership Challenge: Seeing Other as Competitors
  • Board Management is Sales
  • Focus on Strengths to Empower Your Board
  • Challenge for Nonprofits: Determining the Right Pay for the Non-Profit Sector
  • Challenge for Nonprofit Leaders: Build – or Find – a Support Network

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