NLN27: Succession Planning, Partnerships and Leadership with Amanda Missey

In this podcast with Amanda Missey, Executive Director of the Bergen Volunteer Medical


Initiative, our discussions include concerns for the future in nonprofit leadership, leadership value vs. pay issues, leadership training programs, the importance of and tips for succession planning, as well as the recent change in the overtime rules and its impact.



Click here to visit and access the transcript and other show notes.

The key points covered in this podcast discussion are:

  • Impact of New Overtime Rule on Nonprofits: Programs will Likely be Impacted
  • Community Leadership Programs: A Resource for Nonprofits
  • Cross-Sector Partnerships: A Win-Win Proposition
  • Succession Planning: Be Intentional
  • Valuing the Contribution of the Nonprofit World Includes Improving PayVisit to find the podcast, transcript, and to sign up to receive notifications as new episodes are released (every two weeks). Episodes are also available via Stitcher, iTunes, and GooglePlay.

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