NLN26: Serving, Growing and Supporting a Team with Jeanne Allert

This is the Nonprofit Leaders Network Podcast Episode No. 26.JeanneHeadShot

Today we’re talking with Jeanne Allert, Founder and Executive Director of The Samaritan Women. Jeanne shared the trials and lessons learned from starting a nonprofit from scratch in an area that has low awareness and is often not a welcomed subject in many groups – victims of sex trafficking. Her calling lead her through many challenges including developing the right staff, developing a new program around a difficult issue, and learning how to deal with and engage others in an uncomfortable topic.

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The key points covered in this podcast discussion are:

  • To Achieve Success You Have to be Comfortable in the Unknown
  • Staying Upbeat Requires Intentional Community Building
  • Uncomfortable Topics Require Persistence and Flexibility
  • Don’t Panic When Starting Something New: Take Time to Find the Right People
  • When the Going Gets Tough, Stay Focused

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