NLN25: It’s a Family Affair.Cultivating Relationships with Future Donors with David Rosen

David Rosen - FullSizeRender1In this podcast, we are talking with David Rosen, Executive Director for the Sobriety Optimization League (SOL) Scholarship Foundation. We discussed topics relating to cultivating future donors, building a relationship with the donor family as a whole, using texting and social media, and communicating with millennials.

In 2015, Larry Johnson (author of The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fund-Raising), nominated David Rosen for the prestigious award of “Rising Star” by Nonprofit Professionals of the Year. This brought him to our attention. David is the Executive Director of the Sobriety Optimization League (SOL) Scholarship Foundation, located in Salt Lake City, Utah. David strives to understand, help and produce a real connection with everyone he meets at SOL. He is dedicated to ensuring each individual is cared for and given the opportunity for long-term sustainable sobriety with assistance from the SOL Scholarship Foundation.

SOL provides financial scholarships to individuals that need financial assistance in funding their Sober Living Initiative. Many insurance companies assist in the financial burden of residential patient treatment center costs, but Sober Living, or what happens after residential treatment, is not covered. This is where SOL helps the recovering addict with financial assistance to achieve a life of sustainable sobriety.

The key points covered in this podcast discussion are:

  • Cultivating & Preparing Future Donors – It’s a Family Affair
  • A $50,000 donation via text?!
  • Communicating with Millennials – Don’t Rule Out Social Media
  • Major Gift Fundamentals: No Hardly Ever Means Never
  • Asking for a Gift: It’s a Relationship

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