NLN22: Managing Quick Growth with Chris McFarland

In this podcast, we are talking with Chris McFarland, Executive Vice President of PULSE. We discussed topics related to how to structure, hire and manage staff in an ever-growing and expanding organization.

Chris McFarland joined the PULSE team in November of 2010. Previously, he served as a national Festival Director with the Luis Palau Association for 7 years, moving to several major U.S. cities to build teams from the ground up, overseeing all operations including budget formation, fundraising, and public relations.

PULSE is a prayer and evangelism movement on a mission to help the younger generation come to know Jesus by hosting outreach events, providing the evangelistic voice at other organizations’ events, training evangelists on American college campuses and overseas. PULSE was started on the North Dakota State University campus in 2004 by Nick Hall.

The key points covered in this podcast discussion are:

  • Continually Adapting and Adjusting to Allow Growth to Happen
  • Developing Division of Responsibilities and Depth in the Organizational Chart
  • Finding – or Growing – Fundraising Capability
  • Building Out the Executive Team to Support Growth
  • The Importance of the Right Fit – and of Moving On

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