NLN14: Nonprofit Collaboration, Success and Marketing with Lori Manns

Lori Manns headshotLori Manns is our guest in this episode of our Nonprofit Leaders Network Podcast. Lori is the founder and President of the Live Healthy and Thrive Youth Foundation and CEO of Quality Media Consultant Group.

Our main topics for discussion are on the subjects of marketing and , and how these can help nonprofits go further, faster.

LHTYF, is an organization focused on fostering and promoting children’s health in and around Atlanta, Georgia. They educate children on healthy lifestyle habits so they avoid obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. Their goal is to help them get healthy for life.

Here are some of the key points from our varied discussion:

The Importance of Visibility and Sharing About the Need. Actually getting people to know about the work your nonprofit does is critical to making it a success. One of the key challenges is creating awareness that there’s work that needs to be done. Raising awareness of those you wish to serve as well as potential supporters and partners who’s work alongside us to achieve measurable outcomes and results for the children. It is very rewarding to enable people to understand that the need is there, and that the work the organization does matter and make a real difference.

Collaborating Can Help Nonprofits Move Further, Faster. Running alongside the visibility raising is understanding just how important and critical collaboration is for startup and emerging non-profit organizations; getting your name out, your mission known, and raising awareness of your work in the marketplace. Working alongside collaborative partners, putting those partnerships into place early on will help a nonprofit go further, faster.

Focusing on Impact, Not on Programs. We want to instigate some action, and get people to consider things that they have not perhaps considered before. we created programs and we created events and we created initiatives that really address the need to educate to bring about change in behavior. When we do this type of work we go into the school, and work with them to create a movement, to actually come up with programs that they can do in the schools that have healthy focus. We give them an outline, some ideas like our ‘Gardens are for Kids’ campaign, but they make their own program to suit their needs and environment. It’s about dialogue and starting the conversation, not putting in place a fixed program.

Be Fun and Engaging and Kids Will Gravitate Towards It. We have learned that if you present the information in a very fun, engaging, and interactive manner, kids will really gravitate to it. They have embraced the material, they’ve embraced our ideas for activity programs, and they truly love it. Children really do love education and they really do love learning. That engagement is fantastic to see and is what makes the change happen.

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