[News] Zen and the Art of Fundraising

Hope you enjoy this week’s nonprofit news and headlines!

Awareness / Communications

  • 10 Effective Nonprofit Mission and Vision Pages Mission and vision statements capture the essence of your organization’s beliefs and values, and define its place in the world. A vision statement explains the overall goal of your organization looking into the future, while the mission statement outlines the present plan to realize the vision. @wiredimpact
  • Why fundraisers shouldn’t waste their money on “awareness” campaigns “Raising awareness” is an almost complete waste of money for fundraising organizations. Even if doing so is “free.” (Because nothing is truly free. But that’s another conversation.) The OrangeGerbera blog has a great take on this: Why You Don’t Really Want Increased Awareness. @jeffbrooks

Fundraising Planning

  • [INFOGRAPHIC] 5 Alarming Donor Retention Trends It’s no secret that the state of nonprofit donor retention isn’t looking too good. Our friends at Pursuant have created an infographic that charts the five most alarming donor retention trends, as well as five steps to reverse them. @bloomerangTech
  • Why do so many fundraisers like asking for such small gifts? When Mark Astarita recently compared some charities to pound shops, he was right on the button. Just like the pile ’em high, sell ’em cheap stores found on our high streets, charities have jumped on the discounting bandwagon. You’d like to inoculate a child? Yes ma’am. That’ll be £3 please. Kerching! @Markyphillips

Fundraising Tactics


  • The Downtrodden Strike Back: Fundraisers Rate and Expose Lousy CEOs and Boards I’m not sure whether this was partly or fully in jest, but it is an interesting idea… OK. Got your message from Friday’s Agitator post that it’s not only about the stupidity of fundraisers. We simply have to begin to change things at the top. If the problem is CEOs and top management who don’t listen or care, then let’s call them out for the disasters they cause.  @AgitatorEditors
  • A Board Member’s Guide to Nonprofit Overhead Can I just emphasize, spending money on overhead is good practice. Can you imagine any major for-profit company trying to operate without an HR department? Or without folks who know how to operate the IT resources? Here’s some good information to help board members understand the terminology. @ANonprofits

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