[News] We Hate Donors Syndrome

Here’s your nonprofit and fundraising tip blog roundup for the week. Hope you enjoy it!

Awareness / Communications

  • 25 Blog Post Ideas About Your Nonprofit’s Events A question I often get is ‘but what do I blog about?’ While I hope you can gather some really good content about the impact your organization is having in the lives of those you serve, if you’re really in a bind you can use these event-centered ideas. from @WiredImpact
  • Two Killer Methods To Tell a Social Impact Story The social impact story you tell in your CauseVox crowdfunding video is critical–both for success in raising the most funds, but also in the message you are sending about your cause. While I don’t agree with the knocking of what they call ‘poverty porn’ (we need to share what it’s really like for those we serve, otherwise donors won’t understand why they’re so important) the video examples are good. From @CauseVox


  • Does your organization have “we hate donors” syndrome? I’m sure your organization doesn’t do this… Unfortunately I’ve seen it too frequently as well. In this post @JeffBrooks outlines 6 things to look for to make sure you’re not headed down this slippery slope.
  • Convert +2 Million New Donors Onboarding new people to organizations is something I’ve been working with a few of my clients. Even if you haven’t seen the flabbergasting success of the ALS campaign in your organization, chances are you’ll still find some good tips to onboard new donors, volunteers and in-kind item donors. From @npengage
  • Are you ready for donors using LinkedIn? Started in late 2002, LinkedIn has seen many social media platforms rise and fall, but LinkedIn keeps trucking along. It appears to be the preferred social media platform of many executives – who are also your donors. When they start looking at your organization through the lens of LinkedIn, what will they find? From @MarcAPitman
  • Vision, Board Engagement and Palm Trees? When someone plants a Coco-de-mer palm tree, they have a vision that is literally decades in to the future. The Coco-de-mer palm tree takes 25 years to reach maturity and start bearing fruit – which take an additional 7 years to mature. So what’s your 32-year vision? From @KirstenBullock


  • 7 Drama-Minimizing Tools Every Nonprofit Board Needs Ideally, your Board should be made up of people who care deeply about the work your nonprofit does and are willing to give their time, talent, and treasure to see it be successful. Unfortunately, most people who serve on nonprofit … from @SandyRees
  • Stay on That Nonprofit Board! Change takes time. For any single board member of a status quo nonprofit to lead a change on organizational culture will require tenacity, time and patience. The person will need to be extremely dedicated to the organization’s mission. Here are some tips of what you can do (and some encouragement to hang in there). From @HuffPostBiz

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