[News] Want to raise more money? Have a Plan

There are so many great quotes about planning:

– Failing to plan is planning to fail. – Alan Lakein

– Thinking well to be wise: planning well, wiser: doing well wisest and best of all. – Malcolm Forbes

– Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning. -Winston Churchill

– In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable. – Dwight D. Eisenhower

And now we know also that planning can help fundraising success. How’s your planning going?

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Great Leaders Know They’re Not PerfectGreat Leaders Know They’re Not Perfect @HarvardBiz

It’s not unusual for executives to enter a new job with deep-seated feelings of being an impostor. This research studying thousands of leaders rising into bigger jobs revealed 69% feel underprepared for roles they assume. Forty-five percent had minimal understanding of the challenges they would face, and 76% said their organizations were not helpful in getting them ready. Fearing exposure as a fraud, many leaders overcompensate with extreme attempts at flawlessness. There are three common, but mistaken, beliefs they share…

How to Remove a Nonprofit Board MemberHow to Remove a Nonprofit Board Member @NPhub

Through the expectations and discussions, each board member should always know how their performance stacks up. If they are not meeting the minimum standards, use those regular channels of communications to inform them that you want what is best for both them and the organization.

If after addressing shortfalls in performance you’re still experiencing difficulties, it might be time to remove the underperforming board members. Your organization should have procedures to deal with these situations. If you do not yet, here are some options…

Fundraising Planning

Relationship Fundraising: It’s complicated - 101fundraisingRelationship Fundraising: It’s complicated – @101fundraising

There are many donors who do want a relationship with charities they support – who also value relationships with individual fundraisers at those charities (this writer does find it odd people don’t get this about individual giving but do with major donor, community or events fundraising). They will have some kind of relationship with the cause, too, of course. They may not call it ‘a relationship’, but who really does that anyway…

To Boost Individual Donor Giving, Nonprofits Need a Plan | Stanford Social Innovation ReviewTo Boost Individual Donor Giving, Nonprofits Need a Plan | Stanford Social Innovation Review @SSIReview

…if you have a plan, other investments you make in your fundraising program—more staff, higher-paid staff, or more one-on-one meetings with current and potential donors—naturally lead to bigger impact. For example, at organizations this writer surveyed that had a formal fundraising plan:

Investments in staff paid off in more individual donor dollars.
Devoting more staff time to individual donors led to more donations.
Face-to-face meetings with current and potential donors resulted in increased donations.
Coincidence? I think not…


10 Reasons Video Should Be On Your Radar in 201610 Reasons Video Should Be On Your Radar in 2016 @ChurchTechToday

We know video is great. But why? Not to mention there are many different applications for video. Here are ten reasons (of probably hundreds) why churches – and nonprofits – should seriously consider video this upcoming year.

#GivingTuesday 2015 Results: 1 Million Gifts Make a Record-Breaking Day | Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog#GivingTuesday 2015 Results: 1 Million Gifts Make a Record-Breaking Day | Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog @kivilm

By every measure, this giving day has exploded into a new, influential holiday. According to the Case Foundation, which set out this year to measure the collective reach of Giving Tuesday, total online donations processed on Giving Tuesday more than doubled from 2014, to a staggering $116.7 million given by 698,961 online donors. (The majority of this data are collected from online donations made to U.S.-based nonprofits.)

Social media mentions jumped a whopping 86 percent, topped by 114 BILLION impressions on Twitter…

Fundraising Tactics

How to Personally Thank Every Single Donor: Q&A with N Street Village | Network for GoodHow to Personally Thank Every Single Donor: Q&A with N Street Village | Network for Good @Network4Good

N Street Village is a Washington, DC–based nonprofit that has a mission to help homeless and low-income women achieve personal stability. The impact N Street Village has on these women’s lives is obvious, and the organization goes above and beyond to show donors this impact with a stellar donor appreciation program.

What Can Make or Break your Year-End Fundraising Appeal? »What Can Make or Break your Year-End Fundraising Appeal? @johnhaydon

Don’t forget the emotional hook! It’s something big that many organizations miss altogether. What’s is it? The emotional hook is a theme that provokes an emotional reaction from your donors. That’s it: Something that will get attention. And make them want to listen. And play on their emotions.

So what’s the hook in YOUR appeal letter? Maybe it’s an image, a theme, a tagline, a story… But without it you’re sunk…

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