[News] Want to Fire a Board Member?

Have you ever wanted to fire a board member? You’re not alone! Check out the article in the Leadership section. Scroll down and you’ll see a full list of articles and posts to help stay up-to-date on trends and topics facing the nonprofit world.

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Build Your Nonprofit Budget like a Boss in 7 Easy Steps - NonprofitHubBuild Your Nonprofit Budget like a Boss in 7 Easy Steps – NonprofitHub @NPhub In the midst of the end-of-year preparation, don’t neglect one simple task that can set up your organization for a successful year—developing a budget. Putting together a budget will help guide your spending and also plan for where your income will come from. It will help you think about your goals for the year and figure out the priorities for your nonprofit. Creating your nonprofit budget isn’t as simple as copy and pasting last year’s numbers. Instead, it should be…

Fundraising Planning

What Keeps 1200 Fundraisers Up at Night? - Fired-Up Fundraising with Gail PerryWhat Keeps 1200 Fundraisers Up at Night? – Fired-Up Fundraising with Gail Perry @GailPerrync What keeps fundraising professionals up at night? 67% are management-related issues:
Too much to do and too little time 27%
Lack of organized fundraising plan 13%
Not enough staff to do the work 12%
Uncertain support of fundraising from leadership 8%
Lack of agreement on a fundraising strategy 7%

Writing your resource development plan in steps: Step Four | Donor Dreams BlogWriting your resource development plan in steps: Step Four | Donor Dreams Blog @eanderson847 Looking for a little more guidance with fundraising planning? Check out this series from Erik Anderson:
Strategies for financial goals: Identify all of the fundraising campaigns, events, and activities you plan on doing in the upcoming year. Here are a few examples: golf outing, gala dinner & auction, direct mail, major gifts initiative, annual campaign, grant writing, etc…


How to Get More from Your Story | Network for Good @Network4Good It’s no secret that powerful stories are the root of the most successful fundraising appeals. In December, a compelling story will likely be the difference between a message that gets results and one that falls flat. How do you get the most out of your stories for your year-end fundraising campaigns? Keep these principles in mind.

The Best Data Storytellers Aren’t Always the Numbers PeopleThe Best Data Storytellers Aren’t Always the Numbers People @HarvardBiz To reach audiences with data-driven content, what really matters is your ability to craft a good story, and there’s very little math required. In fact, discomfort with numbers may actually lead you to ask the right questions to create the most interesting and accessible data-driven content. As with any story, with data storytelling you’re trying to convey a larger message—and as with any good story, you’re conveying that message in a way that offers a memorable insight or surprise…

Fundraising Tactics

5 Questions to Help You Instantly Improve Donor Acquisition – The Intelligent Fundraiser Blog @Pursuant Acquisition is hard, and getting more difficult all the time. Experiencing acquisition success requires that we, first, understand the nature of the relationship we have with donors, and then implement a process that respects that relationship. Organizations who successfully navigate that process will have a far greater chance for success in their acquisition efforts and investments.

5 Killer Mistakes Nonprofits Make in Crowdfunding Campaigns5 Killer Mistakes Nonprofits Make in Crowdfunding Campaigns @Care2Team When crowdfunding campaigns are run correctly, nonprofits see their fundraising results catapult far beyond old-school techniques. However, successful crowdfunding campaigns require far more than just setting up a page and asking for money. Here are some missteps that organizations must watch out for when it comes to conducting crowdfunding campaigns.


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