[News] Overcoming Fundraising Objections

Below is a summary of this week’s nonprofit news to note. Hope you enjoy the articles!



nonprofit capacityWhy Some Nonprofits Aren’t Ready for a Strategic Plan (Yet) | Social Velocity @nedgington

…”But sometimes a nonprofit is not quite ready to create that long-term strategy because they don’t know what they don’t know.

When a nonprofit suffers from a host of problems that they don’t know how to solve, I encourage them to take a big step back. Because you cannot articulate your theory of change, your goals for the future, the makeup of your staff and board, your financial model, if you are putting out fires and struggling to keep your doors open.”

Fundraising Planning

Charities brdrm finalWant to improve donor perception of #fundraising? Be nice to donors | queer ideas @Markyphillips

“…that’s how we can change the public perception of fundraising. Simply by being nice to donors.

If the public start to enjoy giving, the headlines from 2015 won’t be repeated. It might take some time, but through focusing on Feel Good Fundraising, we will create a future that both the next generation of fundraisers and donors will thank us for. “

Why data mattersWhat sloppy data means to donors | Mary Cahalane @mcahalane

“Good data is good donor relations. Managing your information might not feel like relationship-building. But it is. We all want to be treated well, called by the right name, given privacy when we ask for it. Don’t put the ease of your inside operations above the way you make donors feel.”


feb16-19-530760977The Elements of an Effective Cause Marketing Campaign | Harvard Business Review @HarvardBiz

“Our initial analysis showed that while the successful campaigns tended to cluster toward the emotional end, there were a healthy number of campaigns spread across every area of the grid. Our conclusion? Maybe it’s not the appeal/argument of a cause campaign alone that makes it successful. If they didn’t share tone or appeal/argument, what did they share?

So we looked beyond what the campaigns said to what they did, and we landed on five elements…”

5363478442_fba2fc90d0_bPress Release 101: Why You Need a Good ‘Nut Graph’ | Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog @kivilm

“Want your press release to get picked up? Try a ‘nut’ graph. An effective nut graph not only helps sell your story to the media, but it is the key that unlocks many of the other elements of your release.

…Nut graphs often appear early in the story — typically in the second or third paragraph — and set the context for what follows. It offers a clear road to what makes the story important…”

Fundraising Tactics

Fundraising Objections Falling to the Floor - Kansas CityWatch the fundraising objections fall to the floor | FundraisingCoach.com @marcapitman

“As we started answering the objections, the objections started falling to the floor! There were so many dropping, it sounded like leaves dropping from a tree in the fall!

And that’s when it hit us: the objections were – literally – falling away. It was a powerful image…”

PeertoPeerFundraising (1)How to Increase Your Fundraiser Proceeds with Peer-to-Peer Fundraising | Clairification @CharityClairity

“The basic premise behind P2P fundraising is that donors will be more likely to support someone they trust (friend, family member, etc.) than a stranger soliciting donations. Hearing about a cause from a trusted friend or family member also creates an emotional affiliation for potential donors to your cause.”

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