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Do you have those subjects that get your hackles up? For my dog it’s the postal worker delivering mail to the front door. For me it’s talk about overhead. I know you’ve probably talked to them too – the self-righteousness of evaluating charities by money they’re not spending rather than looking at the effectiveness of the programs or the sustainability of the organization itself. We have spent years not investing in the infrastructure of the safety net of our society and wonder why nonprofits aren’t seeing better results.

Just stop it! It’s okay to be proud to work in a nonprofit and be paid for being a part of making our world a better place. (Okay… I’ll step down off my soap box…). There’s a Nonprofit Quarterly article included in the roundup below that covers this more fully (and perhaps more eloquently).

Scroll down to see a full list of articles and posts to help stay up-to-date on trends and topics facing the nonprofit world.

Thanks for all you do to make the world a better place!



Why Funding Overhead Is Not the Real Issue: The Case to Cover Full Costs | Nonprofit Quarterly @npquarterly

This article is a call to arms to nonprofits and funders alike to not only banish forever the overhead ratio but also, and equally important, embrace the concept of full costs.


Your Actions May Be Disempowering Your Nonprofit Board – Ignited Fundraising @LJacobwith

Lori shares how by doing it yourself you maybe be disempowering and demotivating your nonprofit board and key volunteers.


Fundraising Planning

donor confidential: the $1000 gift | Oneicity @oneicity

. . . decide your process first. Think about what would be a way you could validate new donors. Could you take your monthly statistics (or whatever important data you have that demonstrates the amazing work you’re doing) and match it with the story of a person whose life was changed through your work? Have it ready. Then decide how you’re going to know who your new donors are…

Corporate Philanthropy Trends Affecting Nonprofits in 2016 – Nonprofit Hub @NPhub

2016 is looking to be a great year for corporate philanthropy and nonprofits. Check out these five corporate philanthropy trends that will affect nonprofits in 2016.



Breaking news: how to handle when it hits your non-profit @HuffPostImpact

Since it’s debate season and election season this winter, you may be wondering how your non-profit can take part in larger news events. Will they mention your issue on the next debate? How should you respond?


How the Power of Storytelling helped them raise $12,000 in 12 days – Get Fully Funded @SandyRees

This is the story of how a small nonprofit with no social media experience used the power of storytelling to raise $12,000 in 12 days.Smoky Mountain Meals on Wheels is located in Maryville, TN.


Fundraising Tactics

7 Steps to Turn Event Attendees into Donors | Network for Good @Network4Good

Events are great opportunities to foster a stronger relationship with your supporters. Follow these seven steps to turn event attendees into loyal donors!

4 Easy Ways to Get The Appointment with a Major Gift Prospect – Fired-Up Fundraising with Gail Perry @GailPerrync

Don’t you just love asking potential donors for appointments? Or do you hate it? If you dislike this step in the major gift process, you are not alone. People often tell me that trying to get an appointment can be the worst part of fundraising to them. Folks say they feel pushy and inauthentic. Or …

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