[News] Movements or Programs?

Do you have programs? Or do you have a movement?

Movements aren’t anything new. There’s a story about a man names Jesus from about 2,000 years ago who started a movement that is still in existence today. We can go back further (and look more recently) and come up with dozens of examples of them. So why are they started to garner more attention now?

It seems every few decades there is a time of upheaval, a time when a critical mass of people question the status quo and want to do something about it. It’s not that other time there aren’t people doing amazing things, just that there are times when we see a critical mass. Robert Putnam briefly reviews some of these movements in his book Bowling Alone.

It feels like we might be in the midst again of one of those times. As we’ve seen in recent political discussions and campaign stops people feel strongly about change. I don’t know about you, but I’ve found the recent climate disturbing, and also very instructive and eye opening about the country I live in.

Is there a way with your organization to move beyond a simple mission to create a movement and harness some of the energy of the times? There are several resources being produced about this, including a recent Harvard Business Review article (included below).

Best wishes on creating your movement!



PODCAST: Vision and Board Communication with Dave Krepcho | Nonprofit Leaders Network

Dave Krepcho, President and CEO of Second Harvest Food Bank in Central Florida was our guest for this episode.
Here are just a few highlights of the conversation:

  • Engaging the Board in Developing a Strong Vision
  • Using the Strategic Plan as a Way to Document Progress
  • Building on a Strong Foundation and Envisioning a Better Future
  • Staying Tuned in with Your Board
  • Investing Time to Effectively Manage a Volunteer Board
  • Recruiting and Vetting Potential Board Members

Successful Movements All Have 3 Acts

“Leaders of world-changing movements, from social leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. to business leaders such as Steve Jobs, persuade people to follow them into the unknown, the unpredictable, the untested. Because change is both scary and difficult, they also help those followers push through their fears and overcome big obstacles… The process mirrors the classic three-act structure of a story, with a beginning, a middle, and an end — and a lot of turmoil and triumph sprinkled in. All the great leaders we studied repeated this process with each new idea or venture. Think of it as a long train of S curves, extending into the future, preventing complacency and stagnation — because inspiration is a job that never ends.”


4 Tips to Optimize Your Signup Forms @wiredimpact

Signup forms shouldn’t be an afterthought. Any occasion where an email address is requested on your site — whether it’s to subscribe to a newsletter or sign a pledge — presents a valuable opportunity to be specific in a succinct way. Because anytime you’re trying to grow your mailing list, you have a small window of time — and space — to get people’s attention and convert them. Let’s take a look at how you can optimize your signup form to help grow your mailing list of subscribers.

4 Inspirational “Share Your Story” Pages That Will Knock Your Socks Off | Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog @kivilm

“Share Your Story” shows supporters that they matter,  that you are listening, and that change, hope, and help are all possible. Sometimes, “Share Your Story” pages help people connect with each other, building invaluable communities of support and human connection… Real people. Real problems. Real solutions. Check out these “Share Your Story” pages and let them inspire…


Don’t let 1,835 Cats KILL Your Fundraising @101fundraising 

“The thank you letter is an often neglected piece of donor communication. It sits, stale and unattended getting sent to hundreds or thousands of donors…” In addition to sharing sage advice, this post also includes information about an informal study / test which will allow you to compare your organization with others.

Social Swipe’s interactive 2 Euro donation | Thunderhead Works  @ThunderheadWrks

The German relief agency MISEROR‘s new campaign asks people to swipe their credit card for a 2 Euro donation. They then get an instant sense of how their gift can help. Make donating an interesting experience.

How Political Giving Impacts Nonprofit Donations @Care2Team

During the 2012 elections, data showed that political donors tracked by the Federal Election Commission gave more to nonprofit organizations in 2012 than they did in 2011. In other words many donors are happy to support both political candidates and nonprofits.
This study accounted for charitable giving that made up three-quarters of American reporting public charities…


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