[News] Mid-Level Donors Getting the Cold Shoulder

Here are the some blog posts and headlines of interest to small and mid-sized nonprofits from the past week. Let me know what other information you’re looking for and I’ll keep an eye open for it!

Awareness / Communications

Great tips on Landing Pages Yes, even nonprofits need compelling landing pages. This post has a link to critiques about what works and what doesn’t. The information easily translates to the nonprofit sector. via @SeanTriner

4 LinkedIn Hacks for Nonprofits Ever wondered how your nonprofit can get more out of LinkedIn. Check out these four ideas you can start implementing today! @BloomerangTech

Fundraising Tactics

The First (And Most Important!) Step in Planned Giving Here’s a hint: start asking people if they’ve remembered your organization in their will. For some reason we always try to make it more complicated but it really can be that simple (as a starting place at least).

Mid-Level Donors Getting A Cold Shoulder. Mid-level donors might live in a strange place in your development department. They’re not serviced with the same automation that your direct mail file is, but they also most likely don’t warrant the personal touch of the major giving department… @NPTimes


Should Mature Nonprofits Allow Board Micromanagement? The micromanaging board is a worthy model for smaller nonprofits that stay at a start-up level for a long time, however it really shouldn’t last forever…

15 Ground Rules for Nonprofit Staff & Board Meetings Lots of things can derail nonprofit staff, board and committee meetings. As an organization, adhering to the following ground rules for your various meetings can improve productivity and inspire a culture of teamwork…

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