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Are you ready for the fall fundraising push? Will you be successful? Do you know what success will look like for you?

Two things you’ll find of particular interest to help you with that. Pursuant (article below) shares about some key performance indicator (KPI) to make sure you’re measuring. Secondly, my friend Sandy Rees is holding a conference where she’ll teach you ways to make sure your fundraising is inspired – and inspiring (more info below).

Happy reading!

Nonprofit News Roundup


Running Better Boardroom Discussions | Harvard Business Review

The advice from the governance gurus is that board members should challenge executives whenever they are concerned, and should continue to challenge until they are satisfied. For example, the Guidance on Board Effectiveness issued by the UK’s Financial Reporting Council states, “An effective board should not necessarily be a comfortable place. Challenge, as well as teamwork, is an essential feature.” True whether you’re a non-profit or for-profit.

A Call for Nonprofit Risk Management | Stanford Social Innovation Review

It’s no secret that nonprofits are ill-equipped to address risk. In 2015, for example, the Utah Food Bank announced that a data breach exposing donor names, addresses, credit card information, and security codes may have impacted eight percent of its donors. Technology often requires significant capital, and nonprofits do not have the same access to capital resources as their for-profit peers… The call for nonprofit risk management is clear. But although nonprofits are increasingly aware of the need to adopt risk management, there’s still little guidance about when and how they should adopt such a program, or what it should look like in its early stages…



Those of us in fundraising know that direct mail continues to be the base of our Annual Giving programs. Is it dead? Definitely not. Is it dying? Nope. BUT, it cannot stand alone. So what does that mean? It means that successful direct response fundraising programs are multi-channel and integrated. You communicate with your donors – and prospective donors – by mail, email, and phone. You invest in…

4 KPI’s for Measuring Fundraising Effectiveness | Pursuant

Measuring the success of your relationship fundraising means taking a more long-term approach centered on developing, maintaining, and upgrading donor relationships instead of hitting dollars raised, response rate, and new donor goals. These four key performance indicators (KPIs) can help you evaluate opportunities to improve your donor centric strategy and develop deeper donor relationships.


Will You Let Everyone Know? 3 Examples and Other Tips to Support Your Next “Share This” Call to Action | Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog

This post IS about how nonprofits can move the needle on advocacy, education and fundraising campaigns using a focused “Share This Image/Video” call to action. This tactic asks supporters (via email and social…but more on that below) to share an image or a video on their social networks (usually Facebook and Twitter) in support of your campaign or cause. This tactic asks supporters (via email and social…but more on that below) to share an image or a video on their social networks (usually Facebook and Twitter) in support of your campaign or cause. And as these 3 nonprofits have found, it can be incredibly effective.

9 Sources of Inspiration for Nonprofit Storytelling | The Storytelling Nonprofit

Great stories make the story “bigger” because they join people together. In the social impact space, that means going beyond simply speaking about the problem you address and how your programs are part of the solution. To truly forge connections between people, often worlds apart, you need to tell a story, and you need it to strike a chord. However, after some time, something as emotionally driven as storytelling can start to feel laborious and contrived. To keep it authentic, real, and impactful, you need to continuously breathe new life into your stories—and this means looking for new sources of inspiration. Coming up with new ideas doesn’t need to be as hard as…


Amazing TOURS Can Be Terrific Donor Cultivation Tools | Fired-Up Fundraising with Gail Perry

A Misson-Focused Tour can help you spread the word in your community — and build visibility and support for your mission. A great tour is wonderful because it lets your organization’s work speak for itself. Your tour is a show and tell – designed specifically for donors and potential donors to get to know you better…

Long Fundraising Letters. Why, oh, why!? | Sean Triner’s blog

In tests, long letters are three times more likely to win than shorter ones!  (and long email appeals are twice as likely to win as short email appeals). Longer letters tend to work better, but not because they are long. It’s because it takes more words to tell a full story with a beginning, middle and end and ensure the right fundraising tactics. These tactics include target, what the target is for, deadline, establishing need, demonstrating solution, demonstrating why that charity is best placed to solve etc). Having said that, a dreadful four pager is worse than a good two pager – if a story can be told more quickly then tell it. As Mal Warwick says ‘A fundraising letter should be as long as it needs to be…’

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