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news-roundupI’ve always had a bit of respect for rebels. Sometimes rebels get portrayed as troublemakers, but I see them most often as people who see something wrong with a system and are willing to stand up and try to see it fixed. As early as high school I got labeled a rebel when I refused to participate in what I saw as hazing. I certainly didn’t win any friends, but looking back, I don’t think I’d do anything differently today.

Harvard Business Review this week encourages companies to let workers rebel, rather than encourage people to conform. It makes sense, we’re not going to come up with new breakthrough ideas if we don’t do things differently than those around us.

What do you think? Are you encouraging those you lead to rebel? Or do you expect conformity?

Happy reading!

Leadership and Nonprofit News Roundup


canstockphoto7867487Let Your Workers Rebel | Harvard Business Review
Is conformity hurting companies? Perhaps we should encourage workers to rebel.
“Throughout our careers, we are taught to conform — to the status quo, to the opinions and behaviors of others, and to information that supports our views. The pressure only grows as we climb the organizational ladder. By the time we reach high-level positions, conformity has been so hammered into us that we perpetuate it in our enterprises.”


canstockphoto17662095 (1)Nonprofit Mergers: The Missing Ingredient | Stanford Social Innovation Review
“…we didn’t merge because we had to or because any of our organizations were struggling. Rather, we put our individual brands aside and came together as one organization because it was the best way to advance our shared mission of making a year of service a common opportunity and expectation for young Americans. And that may be why we’re a strong whole today.”

Attorneys General Seek One-Stop Charity Regulation | The NonProfit Times
There’s a new climate and culture at NAAG where senior staff more and more work closely with one another, which will be enhanced with the Single Portal Initiative, said Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen, who serves as president of NAAG this year. Via the Single Portal Initiative, regulators aim to streamline inefficiencies in complying with registration requirements of 39 states through one website.


FPFundraising Barriers: The Idea of “Fundraising” Is All Wrong! | Fired Up Fundraising
The way we think about “fundraising” is all wrong! Fundraising could actually be considered as an important, even noble activity. It could be considered integral to your organization’s mission. Your donors could be considered one of your organization’s most valuable assets! But no! Because of people’s hidden, private attitudes, fundraising often gets relegated off into a corner – inside a silo. Because people inside your organization think fundraising is yucky, your donors may be ignored.  And we all know what happens then! Here’s what happens when attitudes about “fundraising” are on the wrong track…

Why it’s smart to love your donors for who they are | Hands-On Fundraising
“Giving isn’t so much about money as it is about feeling – feeling good about yourself, feeling less guilt, feeling helpful instead of helpless. And let’s be honest: while we watch our income carefully, donors don’t want to be loved for just their money. (Do you?) So their identity – as a kind person, a generous person, someone who cares about the world – is something we really should stress.”







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