[News] It’s Time for Boards to Step Up

At least once a week I hear someone talk about frustrations with boards and lack of activity. And typically at least once a month I’ll read something in a professional journal that mentions a board that isn’t living up to its fiduciary or legal obligations.

This week, Jean Case of the Case Foundation is extending a call to boards to step up. This is much easier said than done – especially in an environment where professionals have less time to devote to volunteer board activities and where change in the sector is happening at a faster rate. The temptation, as Case puts it, is to put our heads in the sand and continue doing things the way we’ve always done them. But instead we need to be pressing forward and trying new things. Again, easier said than done.

If you’re looking to be part of a group that is spurring each other on, please check out the new mastermind groups I’ll be starting early in the new year. These will be facilitated groups where you’ll be able to learn from other nonprofit leaders. Let’s schedule a time to chat about whether or not you might be a good fit for the group!

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An Imperative for Nonprofit Boards: The Time is Now to Step Up Your Game | Exceptional Boards @BoardSource

In the social sector, many of the organizations we serve are on the front lines of the world’s most pressing challenges where the “same old way of doing things” is simply not an option. We must understand that while risk mitigation is important, it’s also important to push the organizations we serve to challenge the status quo…

To Lead Change, Explain the Context @HarvardBiz

Leaders have to place strategic changes, initiatives, and goals into a broader organizational context, or they risk losing good talent, burning out managers, and wasting money on programs that don’t pay off. People have to see why what they’re doing has to change, why they should suddenly be moving in a new direction.


Fundraising Planning

Top 10 Tips to Catapult Your Major Gift Fundraising – Fired-Up Fundraising with Gail Perry @GailPerrync

Here’s a special list of Gail Perry’s FAVORITE ideas, tips and strategies that she’s developed over 30 years in fundraising. Some of these ideas are short-cuts. Some are out-of-the-box. And some are Gail’s magic keys to million dollar major donor relationships.

Stop Ignoring This Amazing Source of Contributions | Michael Rosen Says… @MLInnovations

Unfortunately, many fundraising professionals overlook DAFs (donor advised funds). They think DAF donations will either automatically come in or won’t. Some fundraising professionals simply complain about how much money is going into DAFs rather than to charities. This writer thinks there are five myths about DAFs that we need to debunk before we review how you can secure DAF grants for your charity…



The Top Nonprofit Hashtags You Should Use Every Week @NPhub

“Hashtags are still a mystery to so many, but they don’t have to be. You just need to do your research; luckily we’ve done it for you. Meanings change over time and there are always people ready and waiting to ruin current hashtags. But have no fear—these are the hashtags that we’ve found are the most recurring and imply the most impressions after being run through a social media analytics resource…”

Mo’ Mustaches, Mo’ Growth: The Rise of the Movember Movement [Podcast] @HubSpot

It all began as a bet in a bar. Let’s round up a group of people and see who can grow the best mustache in just 30 days.

Twelve years later, this bet has blossomed into Movember: More than five million people all over the world have joined the movement to raise awareness and funds to benefit men’s health initiatives. These five million people are having a huge impact, too: Since 2003, they’ve has raised almost $650 million.


Fundraising Tactics

No Time For a Full Campaign? My 3 Must-Do Tactics for Your Year-End Online Fundraiser | Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog @kivilm

Surely there are some small things you CAN do to improve results for your year-end online campaign right now… Here are three things to help you get started: (1) Punch Me in the Gut. Use Your Best Stories to Spur Giving. (2) Send More Email. (3) Fix Your Donation Landing Page.

2015 year-end fundraising matching gifts @bigduck 

While matching gift programs were long used by companies to spur employee charitable giving (most major corporations have a matching gift program), now nonprofits are leveraging them to drive individual donor fundraising as well.

Here are a few common types of matching gifts and how they work…

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